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3 Ways To Check Yourself.  How To Prevent Yourself From Lashing Out.

3 Ways To Check Yourself. How To Prevent Yourself From Lashing Out.

“People’s ability to control their anger is, in part, a function of the way they view the world…For some the world is a hostile, angry place. For others, it is as tolerable as we can make it.”

Have you ever been so angry with a person or situation that all you wanted to do was lash out regardless of the consequences?

When you are angry, all it is is emotions which you can control.  If such emotions remain unchecked, anger can erase your sense of time and your concern about consequences.

Learn how to project what might happen if you act on your anger without reflection.  Follow the four-stage “LAST” process to avoid consequences from unchecked emotions caused by your anger:



Focus awareness on your body. What are you actually feeling?


Venting your anger at someone might feel good for the moment, but will it solve the problem? The consequences will probably be negative.


Refrain from impulsive or habitual actions.

Turn away

Remove yourself from the situation. Sometimes, you can do this by talking out your desire to end the confrontation without angry explosions – either internally, with yourself or with other people.



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