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5 Steps To A Super-Efficient Home Office.

5 Steps To A Super-Efficient Home Office.

Whether you have a home office for your job, for household bills, or both, here’s how to set it up to get more done in less time.

1. Ditch the junk.

We’re talking about equipment you don’t use, files you don’t look at, records you don’t need, and paper clutter in general. These all slow you down when you’re looking for things. If you haven’t opened a file or used something in a couple of years, recycle or trash it.

2. Replace single-purpose items with a multipurpose device.

Get a printer, copier, and scanner in one machine. Replace old backup drives with a new high capacity, high speed drive.

3. Fine tune the layout.

Arrange desk, shelves, and storage units so that everything can be accessed quickly and easily. Keep technology within arm’s reach.

4. Organize storage.

Use boxes, bins, or drawers for different items–one box for computer stuff, one for small office supplies. Keep often-used items by your desk, and put away the rest.

5. Repeat annually.

Once a year, or sooner, go through steps 1–4 all over again.



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